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What Is Surfactant and How Do Surfactants Work?

Posted on: June 26, 2018

What are surfactants? The term surfactant was originally coined by Antara Products in the 1950sa to stand for SURFace-ACTive-AgeNT, which is an attempt to explain ‘how surfactants work’.  This generalization basically denotes that this general […]

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What Is Polysorbate? – Polysorbate 20 vs. 60 vs. 80 Uses

Posted on: June 12, 2018

What Is Polysorbate and What Is Polysorbate Derived from? Oxiteno’s ALKEST® TW line of polysorbates are mild, non-ionic surfactants comprised of polyethoxylated esters of 3,6-sorbitan. Being derived mainly from natural materials, many of these versatile […]

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