A New Coalescing Agent for High-Performance Waterborne Paint

Posted On: January 23, 2020

In water-based paints, one way to reduce VOC is to use coalescents with higher boiling points which can lead to a reduction in paint performance (e.g. poor dirt pick-up resistance). Oxiteno’s technology, on the other hand, enables the development of low-VOC outdoor paints with higher dirt pick-up resistance, improved latex film formation and reduced surfactant leaching from paints.

“This project is the result of over five years of extensive research with full engagement of marketing, R&D and process team,” says Silmar Barrios, Oxiteno’s Marketing and R&D Manager for Coatings.

An article published in Chemicals Knowledge explains the science behind this new low VOC, high-performance coalescing agent for waterborne paint.

To learn more, visit: http://chemicalsknowledgehub.com/article/materials-science/view/a-new-coalescing-agent-for-high-performance-waterborne-paint/