Manufacturing Capabilities

Oxiteno has started up a new alkoxylation unit in Pasadena, Texas

Strategically located

Our industrial plant located in the United States Gulf Coast will benefit from the region’s advanced petrochemical infrastructure and logistics. This new unit will make use of multi-purpose reactors with the capability to produce a broad range of alkoxylated surfactants and products and will boast a 375-million pound annual production capacity.

Oxiteno Manufacturing Location

Oxiteno Manufacturing
Key Features
High Degree of Automation

A fail-safe design of the main reactors and ethylene oxide delivery system will ensure reliability and safety.

Enhanced Quality and Efficiency

Innovative reactor technology will allow for greater control, automated clean-out systems will prevent cross-contamination, and an advanced filtration system will remove microcontaminants.

Emphasis on Sustainability

The unit will follow Oxiteno’s sustainability processes and practices to ensure environmental consciousness.

Water management
Ecological Water Management

Less water will be used compared to traditional stirred alkoxylation reactors.

Flexible Logistics

Outbound and inbound logistics will be managed via rail cars, tank trucks, and packaged materials.

Additional Site Features and Capabilities

  • Surfactant formulation capabilities for agrochemical adjuvants and other custom blends
  • Production of amine oxides and other specialty surfactants and intermediates
  • Fully equipped quality control laboratory
  • ISO 9001 certified
  • Dedicated emergency response team
  • Kosher and Halal products

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