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Crop Solutions

Oxiteno offers innovative technologies that help increase crop efficacy, protect farmers’ health and lessen environmental impacts. Working side by side with our customers, we’re able to deliver customized formulations that enable specific targeting.

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Home Care and I&I

We specialize in developing better cleaning performance and smart formulations without the use of harsh chemical formulas. Oxiteno blends sustainable innovation with modern cleaning convenience and savings.

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Home Care and I&I

Oil and Gas

Oxiteno puts precision in every drop, offering a broad range of solutions to meet on-shore and off-shore challenges including, drilling, non-emulsifiers, flow-back aids and corrosion inhibitors.

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Oil and Gas


The reason our products are differentiated is that Oxiteno discovers the best technology by working in partnership with customers. Our main technologies include emulsifiers, coalescents, additives and building blocks.

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Paints and Coatings

Personal Care

Health, beauty and personal care continues to evolve and so do we. Oxiteno partners with our customers to co-create innovative product solutions that exceed the expectations of consumers and deliver great sensory experiences and well-being.

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Personal Care

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