Oxiteno develops a new solution targeting skin care

Posted On: July 3, 2019

Oxiteno US introduces  OXISMOOTH®, a novel product line of emollient esters  with valuable  benefits, like quick absorption, high spreadability, and low tack.

Oxiteno is a trusted provider of sustainable emollients, emulsifiers and rheology modifiers to the personal care market. Our latest OXISMOOTH® Line is made from 100% renewable sources and is designed to deliver  unique sensory profiles for a diverse range of applications in skin, sun and hair care.

Our product range is made of three different  emollient esters – OXISMOOTH® CP (Isoamyl Caprylate Caprate), OXISMOOTH® CO (Isoamyl Cocoate) and OXISMOOTH® ST (Isoamyl Palmitate/Stearate).

OXISMOOTH® Is Sustainable

Isoamyl Cocoate, Isoamyl Caprylate Caprate, and Isoamyl Palmitate/Stearate are all Isoamyl Alcohol derivatives, obtained from sugar cane. The solution is biodegradable, non-cytotoxic, non-phototoxic, and has been assessed by Ecocert as compliant to the COSMOS standard. This means that the production and manufacturing process of OXISMOOTH® are environmentally sound and safe for human health.

Benefits and Uses of OXISMOOTH®

Because of the OXISMOOTH® CP (Isoamyl Caprylate Caprate) component, the solution acts as a UV filter solubilizer. This facilitates reliable moisturization, high readability, quick absorption, dry touch, and makes OXISMOOTH® a unique formulation for sun protection products.

The solution is dermatologically tested, processable under cold conditions, easy to handle, and preservative free. It is also non-occlusive and contributes to non-oily skin. This gives you the possibility of developing products that have a natural skin feel and low tack.

Potential applications include skin care, UV filter solubilizer, creams and lotions, deodorants, baby care, men’s care, and hair care treatment products. Despite being preservative free, the line offers a 2 year shelf-life.

About Oxiteno

Oxiteno is a leading specialty and surfactant chemicals company. We develop and manufacture innovative and sustainable solutions that support the Agrochemical, Personal Care, Home Care, Oil & Gas, Paints and Coatings markets. Oxiteno has operations in America, Europe and Asia.


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