Oxiteno Introduces New Coalescent Technology for Coatings Market at the Western Coatings Symposium

Posted On: October 18, 2019

The company shares its coatings expertise in a talk by the Marketing and R&D Manager about the launch of its coalescent.

Oxiteno, a leader in the production of surfactants and specialty chemicals, is participating in the Western Coatings Symposium, which takes place in Las Vegas, Nevada, from October 20th to 23rd. During the event, Silmar Barrios, Oxiteno’s Marketing and R&D Manager for Coatings, will give the talk, “Effect Of Low VOC Coalescents On Film Formation, Dirt Pick-Up Resistance And Surfactant Leaching Of Waterborne Paints,” which highlights the properties of the new Oxiteno’s Low-VOC Coalescent.

Held every two years, the Western Coatings Symposium is an opportunity for companies to share their expertise to the industry. During the conference, Silmar Barrios will present how Oxiteno is responding to market needs and anticipating trends.

In water-based paints, one way to reduce VOC is to use coalescents with higher boiling points which can lead to a reduction in paint performance (e.g. poor dirt pick-up resistance). Oxiteno’s technology, on the other hand, enables the development of low-VOC outdoor paints with higher dirt pick-up resistance, improved latex film formation and reduced surfactant leaching from paints. “this project is the result of over five years of extensive research with full engagement of marketing, R&D and process team,” says Silmar.

Fabiana Marra, Global Business Head for Coatings, says, “Oxiteno has a strong technical and commercial team in Coatings that deeply understands market trends and needs. We work to provide the market with high-performance, flexible, rapidly deployed alternatives that have less environmental impact and meet customer expectations.”.


About the talk
Western Coatings Symposium
Date: October 21st, 2019
Time: 9:40 AM