Oxiteno’s positioning about COVID-19

Posted On: March 20, 2020


We believe every company is monitoring the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic situation and preparing to mitigate its impacts. Oxiteno is doing the same and we would like to share with you some of the practices we have adopted, as we understand it is time for all of us to be unified under a common goal.

At this moment, all international and national air flight travels related to the business are suspended. We also adopted home office for 100% of our administrative personnel, with a few justified exceptions; at our operations, the high-risk group as defined by health authorities are already at their homes. In the same sense, the visits to our facilities and to our customers and suppliers are also suspended.

At Oxiteno, the health protection of our employees, contractors, customers, and suppliers is considered a priority. We also understand the utmost importance of our industrial operations, as our products are essentials to combat the COVID-19.

In this sense, we are mapping all of our processes in every industrial facility in Brazil, México, USA and Uruguay in order to verify the minimum structure necessary to operate in several scenarios. We do not have any COVID-19 confirmed cases among our workforce, but we will not wait; we are preparing ourselves.

We would like to thank you for our partnership. The circumstances are changing rapidly, and we will be attentive to capture such changes and addressed them timely.

Best Regards,
Alberto Slikta