Contribute to people’s well-being through chemistry.

What will the world be like in 2030?

There will be more than eight billion people living on the planet. We will live longer, move around more and there will be more of us in large urban centers. We will need more food, energy, clean water, healthcare and mobility.

The answers to the challenges for humanity include chemistry, and the industry plays an important role as a provider of innovative and sustainable solutions that will contribute directly to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Oxiteno believes it will be possible to balance economic prosperity, protection of the environment and serving the needs of society.

Oxiteno's Ambitions for 2030


Create shareholder value through financial returns that are greater than the cost of capital employed.


To be an environmental benchmark for the chemical industry where Oxiteno operates with world-class performance.


To be a benchmark in the chemical industry in terms of safety with world-class performance.

Product Safety

Develop safer products for people and the environment and provide clients with support in product use.


Develop a management model that generates superior results, appreciates people and promotes the development of the working environment.

Product Portfolio

Develop solutions aligned with society’s needs, in partnership with our clients, having a positive environmental and social impact

Supply Chain

Promote sustainability in the Oxiteno supply chain. Create stable, long-term commercial relationships with our partners.

Ethics, Transparency, and Integrity

Sustain the culture of ethics and compliance with management integrity and transparency.

Check Oxiteno's Strategic Sustainability Plan 2030

Eco-efficient products

Oxiteno has excelled at identifying opportunities to provide innovative and sustainable solutions for our customers and their consumers. Our R&D has engineered biodegradable and concentrated products derived from renewable resources and other attributes to market. Additionally, we have leveraged our supply chain, distribution channel and communities to bring more value to our partnerships.

We believe responsible use of our natural resources will help reduce impacts and bring environmental solutions to the industry. Oxiteno has pioneered many of these initiatives through strategic partnerships, structured planning and specific investments into risk analysis and effective safety-culture programs.

Serving Crop Solutions, Home Care and I&I, Personal Care, Oil & Gas, Coatings and several other segments, Oxiteno has effectively provided sustainable solutions across all product lines and has been recognized for its environmental and water management practices by the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP).

Please read our latest Sustainability Report for detailed information about Oxiteno and its sustainable initiatives.

Oxiteno Sustainability

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