Oxiteno's sustainability model includes products and services, people, safety, environment, and value chain.

Sustainable solutions for a developing world

Our goals are reachable. Over the years, we have worked diligently to build a stronger enterprise for research and development of consumer- and environmentally-friendly products.

Our goal by 2022 is to make Oxiteno a worldwide reference in surfactants and their applications. In order to make that possible, we’ve taken great strides to prioritize our international growth and sustainability initiatives.

And, it’s working.

Since 2016, we’ve expanded our business operations in North America by implementing our vision of Greenformance, which encourages the use of renewable raw materials, care for our environment and the promotion of health and well-being in the R&D processes for developing our products.

Our Pillars of Sustainability

Value Chain

We exist at the center of a supply chain that stretches between suppliers and customers at either end, and we’ve established a network that enables all the links of the chain to evolve together.

Oxiteno Safety

We constantly review and adapt our methods and practices, focusing our recent efforts on a new Operational and Process Safety Diagnostic System, which is helping us reach our goal of zero accidents.

Oxiteno People

We believe that investing in our company’s success means investing in our people and supporting their growth, health, and wellness.

Oxiteno Environment

We place a high priority on producing sustainable chemical solutions, developing eco-efficient products, and reducing our environmental impact.

Oxiteno Products
Products and Services

In our eyes, innovation and sustainability are inextricably linked; for this reason, we invest in promoting greener, more viable solutions while maintaining or improving our products’ performance.

Eco-efficient products

Oxiteno has excelled at identifying opportunities to provide innovative and sustainable solutions for our customers and their consumers. Our R&D has engineered biodegradable and concentrated products derived from renewable resources and other attributes to market. Additionally, we have leveraged our supply chain, distribution channel and communities to bring more value to our partnerships.

We believe responsible use of our natural resources will help reduce impacts and bring environmental solutions to the industry. Oxiteno has pioneered many of these initiatives through strategic partnerships, structured planning and specific investments into risk analysis and effective safety-culture programs.

Serving Agrochemicals, Home Care and I&I, Personal Care, Oil and Gas, Industrial Coatings and several other industrial segments, Oxiteno has effectively provided sustainable solutions across all product lines and has been recognized for its environmental and water management practices by the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP).

Please read our latest Sustainability Report for detailed information about Oxiteno and its sustainable initiatives.

Oxiteno Sustainability

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